Establishing a Regular Cash Withdrawal

You can establish a regular cash withdrawal from your client’s Cash Account to their Nominated Bank Account, starting from a minimum of $100 per month

When opening your client’s Spitfire Investments Account, tick the ‘Start Regular Withdrawal Plan’ option in the Application form, nominate a commencement date and the amount you client wishes to withdraw. 

Withdrawals will be paid to your client’s Nominated Bank Account on the 20th calendar day of each month (or where the 20th is not a Business Day, on the next Business Day)

If your nomination is to withdraw ‘All Excess Available Cash’, this is the AUD amount in the Cash Account above the client’s Minimum Cash Account Balance   

The nomination of a Regular Withdrawal Plan must be received by the 10th calendar day of the month to start on or around the 20th day of that month

You can view your client’s Regular Withdrawal Plan amount via the ‘Regular Transactions’ option under the Accounts menu of your login

Amending a Regular Cash Withdrawal

If you did not nominate a Regular Withdrawal Plan in the Application form you can create a new or amend an existing plan through our 'Regular Transactions' option.

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