A market order is an instruction to place your order in the market at the best price available at the time the order is processed by Spitfire. Market orders can only be placed by Spitfire when the relevant market is open. If an order is placed outside of market open times, the order will be placed when the relevant market is open. There may be a time lag between the submission of your market order instruction and the processing of the order by Spitfire.

A market order does not guarantee a specific trade price and your order may trade at an undesirable price. If you would like greater control over the trade price for your order instruction, please submit a “Limit” order. “Limit” orders allow you to specify a maximum purchase price, or a minimum sale price. If the market doesn't reach your “Limit” price, your order will not be traded.

“Good for day” trades can be placed prior to and during the relevant market open times for that market open day. “Good for day” trades placed after market close, will not be processed and will be purged at 8am (AEST) every business day.

If you would like to place an order after the relevant market close, please submit a “Good until cancel” order instruction.

Orders may be amended or cancelled, provided the order has not traded in the market (at the sole discretion of Spitfire). Please contact Spitfire on (02) 8067 7010, if you wish to amend or cancel an order.

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